One Force Reloaded

Scramble your forces and take to the skies in the brand new One Force: Reloaded.

Armed with a new 3D engine, this game will test your strategic skills as you build an air force from the ground up into an elite fighting force.

Attack and defend your way to victory, with the nation’s most cutting-edge aircraft and weapon systems manned by our world-class people at your command!

Multiplayer combat, build and manage airbase and weapons systems, mini games, friends list, leaderboards.

Point phone at publicity poster or TV advertisement to gain bonus credits (ultrasound and image recognition).



Busy Missy

Targeted at Nursing Science students to increase subject understanding by applying theory teaching into virtual practice.

Comprises of several main missions with multiple scenarios, each scenario evaluates the students’ skills on equipment selection, assessment approach and standard procedures handling.

Game aims to:

  • Expose students to real-life clinical settings and varying patient conditions for application of nursing skills and knowledge
  • Garner better understanding of their nursing profession through a more fun and interactive way

Available in iOS –



Health Adventurers

An interactive gaming app by the Health Promotion Board Singapore to educate students on healthy living.

There are 8 fun and interactive games. (4 of the games will only be unlockable in HPB HealthZone via iBeacon – Bluetooth Low Energy communication technology)

Players get to learn about healthy living through the interactive games.

Fun factoids and quizzes are included to enhance player’s learning experience.

Player’s data and scores are submitted to HPB’s virtual health zone backend for analytical studies.

Available on iPhone –

Available on GooglePlay –



Resus Mobile

The app is developed for Ngee Ann Polytechnic, targeted at Nursing Science students who intend to take part in Basic Cardiac Life Support Instructor Course (BCLS).

Enable participants to be equipped with knowledge and understanding of the latest BCLS guidelines as stipulated by the National Resuscitation Council of Singapore.

The application provides:

  • Multiple scenario-based training of resuscitation skills
  • Trial BCLS questions practice
  • Topical revision of resuscitation skills via simulation
  • Quick access to conduct BCLS Test and emergency 995

Available in iOS and Android.



Virtual Pharmacy

The Virtual Pharmacy multiplayer game is developed for Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Pharmacy Science’s students.

This game is designed to integrate collaborative operations across pharmacy counters.  The 4 counters are Receiving, Typing, Packing and Dispensing.  Players will be playing in a team of 4 to 6 players to manage the pharmacy operation.

The multiplayer game objectives are:

  • Expose players to real-life pharmacy operation encounters in the real working world
  • Stimulate the need for communication among team members to access and validate prescriptions in the best professional practice
  • Encourage players to collaborate as a team to handle overloaded prescriptions by hopping counters to help
  • Acquire better understanding of therapeutic classification, pharmacology and patient counselling

The server-end game Content Management System (CMS) enables the lecturers to manage the medicine and prescription contents.

Student’s data and playing records are also registered in the backend for results monitoring.



Ops Battleforce 2

Enemies are invading our homeland! Command advanced air, land and sea assets of the Singapore Armed Forces to defend your base and eliminate the attackers.

Ops Battleforce 2 is a 3D action strategy game where you fight against enemies in multi-player battles and single player campaigns.

Direct modern combat units in real-time battles, gain medals and experience, rise through the ranks and unlock new weapons to drive out the invaders. Fight for victory!

Available on iPhone and Android.



Project Management 2

The multiplayer game, developed for Ngee Ann Polytechnic is designed to enact the real-life project management experience of the need to share a common pool of resources while taking on multiple projects in the same company.

There will be 4 virtual companies in the multiplayer game. Each company will be managed by team of 5 players.

Student can chat and visit each another in a group.

As student progress, student can upgrade the office with interesting furniture.

The server-end game Content Management System (CMS) enables the lecturer to manage the projects’ content and available resource pool.

Student’s data and playing records are also registered in the backend for results monitoring.



HS Virtual Hospital 2

Game is targeted at students who are taking Nursing Science 1, 2, 3 and 5, to increase subject understanding by applying theory teaching into virtual practice.

There will be 8 game-based scenarios playable on single player mode, with the last bonus multiplayer stage playable via multiplayer mode (2 players).

Game aims to:

  • Expose students to real-life clinical settings and varying patient conditions for application of nursing skills and knowledge
  • Garner better understanding of their nursing profession through a more fun and interactive way

Available in Web, iOS and Android.



StarHub Immersive Virtual Play

Immersive virtual play that blends technology into classroom learning for preschoolers (aged 4 to 6 years).

Mini Robot Teacher guides students on the interactive learning journey.

Students are armed with iPad Mini and provided with Paris learning map for exploration.

Students followed the instruction of Mini Robot Teacher while using their iPads to aid in their learning virtually and physically.

Augmented reality to trigger pop up of Paris’ renowned buildings such as The Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphe and Lourve Museum.

Students will be able to interact with these 3D buildings and activities will be unlocked for their learning.



MHA The 5 Days

Scenario game-based courseware developed for MHA HTA trainees.

Trainees are introduced to Home Team code of conduct and ethical framework in the game.

There are two modes in the game:

  • Learning mode provides trainees the opportunity to experience the consequences of making wrong and uninformed choices under a risk-free environment
  • Game mode will lead trainees to take the right cause of action, in any challenging situations

Game is integrated with MHA Learning Management System, which is based on Scorm 1.2 standard.



VISA Changi Airport FIFA Promo

Sure win instant prize for shoppers at Changi Airport.

Shoppers will be allocated with lucky draw chances for Grand Draw, with chance to win a free trip to the 2014 FIFA World Cup!

Comes with backend CRM system.



Malay eLand

3D e-learning virtual world.

Funded by Ministry of Education and MLLPC.

For all primary and secondary Malay students in Singapore to learn Malay language and culture.

Back office to instant update content.

Build using Unity 3D game engine.

Be a Changi Millionaire

Deployed and managed the first kiosk based ‘Be a Changi Millionaire’ system for Changi Airport Group in 2012 and 2013.

Instant Wins for shoppers at Singapore Changi Airport.

Shoppers will be allocated with lucky draw chances for monthly draws and the final millionaire draw!

Comes with backend CRM and ELDS (Electronic Lucky Draw System) system.



ICA Training Suite

Developed two kiosks system – ICA Checkpoint Security Training Suite – to increase interactivity level within CSTS.

Trainees and visitors can explore exhibits via the kiosks’ touch screen capability.

Comes with backend content management system.



ICA Gateway@Risk

Job skills training game developed for Singapore’s Immigration and Checkpoints Authority.

Mission-based story mode for systematic learning.  Challenge mode with additional difficulty levels.  Top players leader board.

Backoffice administration and reports generation.




3D Online Game-based Assessment System.  Target users are the Primary 6 and Secondary 4 students who have to complete and pass the National Educational Quiz before they can proceed to their next level of studies.

Both games – Grid Defenders for Primary 6 and Reboot for Secondary 4, are developed using Unity3D game engine.

Played directly from web browser installed with Unity WebGL, no client-based installation required.

Games content management system enabling the administrators and teachers to be able to manage the quiz content and their students’ result seamlessly.




LTA VR-10 Returns

3D PC role-playing serious game, developed for Land Transport Authority of Singapore.

Story-based missions to educate road safety with multiplayer mode for up to 6 players competing.

Customize avatars with new items as game progresses.

Game environment mimics real world e.g. Singapore Flyers, Esplanade, F1 circuit etc.



Tamil Learning Games

A series of flash based serious games, developed for Singapore’s Ministry of Education to teach tamil language.

Targeted at primary four, secondary one and junior college one students


F1 Mobile Racer

2D Single player and 3D Multiplayer mobile racing game.  Adopted Singapore F1 racing track within the in-game environment.

Prominent buildings like Singapore Flyer, Suntec City, Old Supreme Court, Esplanade, etc will be found along the track.

Players can challenge against the leaderboard players.

Mini pitstop game included within the race.



Project Management

A real time single player project management simulation serious game, developed for Ngee Ann Polytechnic.


Students learn how to manage an IT project through interesting missions.

Missions unlocked as students level up in the game and avatars customisation available according to students’ preference.

Backoffice reports available for lecturers to track students’ progress.



NEA MACE Genesis

3D multiplayer first-person shooting game.  The game objective is to educate students in dengue prevention.

Game play ties in with dengue knowledge e.g. clearing of stagnant water and saving feverish students.

Inter-school competitions held yearly.

5 vs 5 multiplayer team co-op.


Rise of The Li’Ttledot

Online multiplayer strategy serious game, developed for Anglo-Chinese School (Junior).

40 concurrent players, comprises of 1 attacker team and 1 defender team.

Players get to choose type of attack/ defence they want to participate in Psychological, Social, Economic, Civil or Military.


Attacker’s aim is to decrease population happiness, vice versa for defenders.

Educate students about the importance of Total Defence for Singapore.


SPS Captains of Lives

This scenario based training game is designed for potential recruits to get a glimpse into the worthy challenges that await them as Captains of Lives (COL).


Player has to follow an intriguing gameplay presented in 4 chapters of storyline. In the process, players will encounter interesting scenarios and mini games that test their quick wittiness as potential Captains of Lives.

The game will consist of 4 chapters as follows:

  • Muster Check (headcount)
  • Escort inmates to correct work locations
  • Meal issuance & collection within the shortest time
  • Identify a worried inmate during yard (recreation time)

The game scenarios are designed to challenge a gamer on his alertness while assisting non-gamers to complete the task-on-hands with hints from non-playing characters (NPCs).

The game has been deployed on web and Android tablets.


URA Sing City

A city building and planning game for Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore.


The game objective is learning to balance the Social, Economic and Environmental aspects of city planning.  There are multiple stages of gameplay and challenge modes.

Flash game running on Web browser.

You can try it at the URA City Gallery.



Nexus Ops Battleforce

3D mobile real time strategy game created for Nexus MINDEF.


The player is assigned the role of a commanding officer that requires him to plan and deploy his SAF 3G army from the air, sea and land to effectively counter a national invasion.

Provides pre-enlistees and general public with an overview of the SAF’s latest 3G military capabilities.

Drag to plot paths for units to move and auto attack enemies.

Unlockable bonus powers including medical aid, air strike and artillery strikes.

Upgrade units using skills points achieved in battles.

Story and challenge modes.

Integrated to Apple Game Centre.




HDB Heartland Hero

The game environment is set in an exquisitely 2D world, based on a modern day city.

Players take control of an ambassador that returned to the heartlands.

They are tasked with a big dream of creating a perfect community living environment where everyone lives harmoniously.

Besides the day to day people interaction, the environmental well-being is another big thing for players to take care.

Players can compete against their friends in the leaderboard by gaining points and achievements for every Good Samaritan action and be the number one friendly neighbourhood ambassador!



Jovi Bears

Children virtual world on Facebook and Web.  Play dozens of brain-training mini games.


Make friends and chat real time. Players will be able to customise their bears, decorate their home and visit each other.


Fish a Fish

Fish a Fish is a fishing role playing social game on Facebook.

Available in English and Chinese on Facebook and China’s

Customize outfit and equipment to perform better in fishing rounds.

Visit various fishing spots for rare catch.

Keep and rear prize catches in customizable aquariums.

Compete with world wide players in fishing championships.

8 million total players.

850,000 peak MAU.

10,000 peak CCU.

HS Virtual Hospital

A mobile simulation training game, developed for Ngee Ann Polytechnic – School of Health Sciences.

With a one-level hospital floor plan of up to 4 virtual rooms – A&E, general ward, high dependency ward and intensive care unit.

Objective of the game is to bring the players through various patient’s health caring scenarios, and guide them tactically on the correct nursing activities and interventions to aid in the patient’s quick recovery.

Build using Unity 3D game engine.



Steel Odyssey

Steel Odyssey is a Facebook action RPG with real-time combat.  There are 4 player classes – each with unique skills and weapons.


There are unlimited PvE dungeons to explore.  Player-vs-player arena, chat lobby, pets, clan battle and auction house. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

This project is co-invested by MDA Singapore.

2010 YOG Virtual World

3D online virtual world for 2010 Youth Olympics Game.

Activate was the lead game designer and Flash mini games developer.

Players get to engage in sports, cultural & educational activities. They can get quests from NPC (Non-Playing Characters), shop virtually and play casual mini games.  Make friends, team up in games and form clubs.

Administrators will be able to create and update content for the virtual world.

Levi’s Virtual World

Levi’s themed based online virtual world, with players being able to dress up their avatars in Levi’s latest fashion.

Meet thousands, make friends, party with celebs, watch music videos, listen to music and shop for the latest Levi’s wear!

Event nights loop in the hottest DJs in town, the hippest fashion gurus and the coolest celebrities to play & interact with you!



Crazy Lab: Bugs!

Crazy Lab: Bugs! is a refreshing match-3 game with cute graphics and exciting game play.

The bugs are trying to escape from Crazy Lab, you are called in to help the crazy professor zaps the bugs before they run away.

To zap the bugs, you need to slide the tiles horizontally or vertically to match 3 or more bugs together.

Zap as many bugs as possible within 1 minute. Bonus points are added when you achieve combos consecutively.

Additional features include:

– High score capture for top 8 scores
– Option to reset and clear the high scores from the board (useful when you want to compete with you friends in a fresh set of matches)
– Sound on/ off during game play
– Pause and resume options during game play
– Timer warning when time is almost up

MOH Lively Silver

A mobile training games designed for mild dementia patients.


We have partnered Dr Dennis Seow, a consultant from Singapore General Hospital, department of Geriatric Medicine to develop a series of interactive training games.

These games are meant for patients with dementia, memory and cognitive disorders. Intensive research and interviews have been conducted to understand the needs of dementia patients.  Hence these games are designed to help patients improve their current condition (e.g. including daily life items that they can associate in the game).

This initiative is supported by Singapore Ministry of Health and co-funded by Economic Development Board.

Free to play on:

iPad –

Android –

WDA Go Rush! Mobile Game

A mobile serious game, developed for Workforce Development Authority of Singapore.

Career-related theme arcade game that excites users to appreciate and learn in a fun way, the competencies and skills sets required to perform and work in certain industries, sectors or occupations.


Various levels of challenges and flexibility to add more levels of challenges at subsequent stages.

Multiple characters and career vocations for players to select.

Employment related tips will be included within the game.

Leaderboard available for players to compete with one another.

Available on both iPhone and Android platforms.

Try the Android version here –



Nokia HinterWars: The Aterian Invasion Cross Platform PC-Mobile Game

HinterWars is a mobile massively multiplayer online role-playing game (3MORPG).  The theme of the game revolves around adventure, role-playing and character growth.


Players can reach higher character levels when they have accumulated enough experience points.

Players can learn new powers and explore new areas when they reach higher ranks of experience levels, thus increasing the depth of the game and player’s sense of achievements.


Community-based collaborations are also emphasised in the game play.

Features such as party-based missions, friends and clans management, chat and forums are incorporated into the game to increase community-based interactions.



MOE Chinatown Learning Trail

A mobile location based serious game. Aim to educate students on history and heritage of Singapore’s Chinatown.  Mission based mini games will be triggered by location of player in Chinatown e.g. a mini game on Chinese prayer methods will be triggered when player walks pass the Thian Hock Heng temple.

Players in teams are able to communicate with each other via instant chat.  Teachers will be able to monitor and manage real time student’s activities via the Game Content Management System (CMS).



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